Bat Care

Depending on a few different factors, your bat can last from one swing to hundreds of swings. As we put a lot of effort into your bat, we want it to last as long as possible.

  • The wood quality or grain straightness on the handle of the bat is what defines a good piece of wood from a bad piece of wood: it’s how wood bats are graded.
  • If you hit the ball on the handle or the end of the bat, you can break your bat the first time you ever swing it (no matter how straight the grains are).
  • Models with thicker handles are generally more durable.
  • Always hold your Delano Bat so the logo is facing up (at you), or facing down (at the ground directly away from you). On our bats, we place the Delano Bats logo on the edge grain. The ball should hit the face grain on the bat when swung correctly.
  • Try to reduce the time your bat is exposed to extreme temperatures. Over time, hot temperatures can lead to moisture leaving your bat. This can result in a less dense bat that is more brittle.

jow to hold you delano bat

The picture above is a great example of how to face the logo up while swinging a Delano Bat.