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FIND YOUR BATWhat's best for you?


  • Players 14 years and older
  • Playing on the big fields (90 foot bases)
  • Lengths: 31” to 35” with ½” increments
  • Weights: +2 to -3
  • Choose Maple or Birch
  • Completely Customizable


U Series

  • 14 years and younger
  • Perfect for players 140 pounds and 5’10” or smaller
  • Playing on the smaller fields
  • Lengths: 27” to 32” with ½” increments
  • Weights: -4 to -12
  • All Bats are Maple
  • Completely Customizable

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Choosing the Billet that Will Become the Bat

We exclusively use split log billets which provide for more durable bats than saw cut logs. Splits are more expensive but we feel are well worth the price.

Cut into Shape

The Billet is Cut to the Model Shape on a CNC Lathe

Our CNC lathe ensures consistent cutting of the bat to ensure the bat is a true reflection of the intended model design. Small variations from the design can change the “feel” of the bat.


Hand Sand For Quality and Consistency

After a spin on the CNC lathe, each bat is hand sanded to ensure the measurements stay true to the model type. Hand sanding allows us to give each bat a perfectly smooth, even surface.

Trim the Ends

Trimming The Bat Down To Size and Cup The Barrel

The extra bits of wood that connect the bat to the late are removed and the barrel end of the bat is cupped out.


Hardening The Barrel For Maximum Durability

We machine harden every barrel on every bat we sell.


Quality Wood Bats Deserve a Quality Finish

Stain and top coat are applied for a professional, yet lightweight, finish.


Big League Personalization For Every Batter

Players can choose to have their name and number laser engraved into the barrel of the bat.